Do you want a PC as cheap as possible or do you want an answer to your needs?Server
Just cheap? Others can do better? I sell solutions.
My slogan: „Your partner for stopping small problems becoming big problems“, means:
I solve small problems with small efforts, before they become big problems mean a lot more efforts
Exchanging a cracking cooler costs peanuts and don't take much time.
If the server gets damaged due to overheating, this could mean   the end of your company.
I offer long-term, well-rounded solutions.

A well-rounded solution means:
professional backup  
tidiness in disks, passwords and licenses
good and safe passwords
a training for your employes regarding security
a correct, legal and fullfilled licensing
if possible equal hard- and software (e.g. all with private or commercial
windows 7 and office 2013)
external storage of your backups (safe or different building).
Protection against electrical overload, fire and water.
Before establishing new IT I give a good consulting which includes
analysis of your needs
talking to the vendors of your special business software regarding requirements of hard- and software

Ohne wenn und aber

Qualitäts-PC:  Lieferung, Installation, Office, Antivirus, Kurzeinführung 999,- € + UST

Rechnungen schreiben in 60 s.

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