9 gute Gründe für Eikel.edv Dienstleistungen

1. Fairness

Of course we have to make money. But you won't get high street prices. We don't need to brim over with a luxus car and or in an Armani-Suit at work. We prefer to persuade with our work.
For services outside our expertise we can assist you to find a professional.

2. The customer is our number 1

20% efforts 80 % success. Your needs and your desires are our focus. We prefer a longtime partnership and not a fast buck.

3. that small problems don't become big problems

We behave like a dentist: prevention, prevention, prevention. Schure it is not a desaster wenn the pictures of your kids or your last holidays are gone. Letters and bills can be re-written, but the time cannot be turned back. Photos are gone. With some little efforts, the risk can be minimized. We show you, how.

4. 7/24 service in Warendorf, Telgte and in and around Münster

We work, when you need us. We work also at weekends or after closing times. So your business is not touched and you don't have to spend a holiday. Please understand, that our conditions at special hours are different from normal conditions.

5. personal relationship and trust

We don't have a callcenter with non-professional studends. You will be services always by the boss.
We don't bother you with a telephone menu (Press 1 for questions about your bill, 2 for technical issues,...). An IT professional needs full access to your computer and therefore he has access to all your data. So trust is vey important.

6. transparency

We don't have high street phone numbers. When we offer you a PC, we tell you the real end price and not a phantasy price + fee xy + tax + mailing costs +... We don't have phrases like „*“ just in combination with“ and „** just for“.
For us as well paying a Lada and getting a Rolls is not possible.

7. computer service

Computers sold by us are ready to use. That means no advertisements or spyware or evolution software (Free to use for 30 days, than buying for a „special price“) and a professional Anitivirus Software is included. For all most other needs there are free and good alternatives. So except for the Antivirus (~ 25,- € per year) there are no further costs. We define delievering as delievering, installation, security tuning, test run and a short introduction.
We also offer this service for PCs, not bought from us.

8. quality

We are selling Terra Computers. Terra computers are Made in Germany by Wortmann.
Are benefits the one and only? Please take a look at our Flyer.

9. economically priced

We don't have a storage or a shop. There are new technics every week und the prices for hardware are changing daily. My reaction times will go down and without a shop and an expensive storage you will get the economic maximum for your money

Our offer

Quality PC: Delivery, Office, Anti-Virus, installation, training 999,- €+ tax

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