You want an individual database solution? Flexible and independent of system or location?
I develope and program your solutions as a webservice.
What is the meaning of webbservice?
Webservice means, you operate the program and the database with your favorite browser  (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, ...)
Why do I prefer webservices?
Web applications are flexible world-wide usable from any online PC. Whether Linux, Apple or Windows.
They are save. They are fast. The backup is done by big data centers. Additionally you can get a backup of your database by email or send it by ftp. The transfer is encrypted.
There is no conflict with other installed software and systems. The local IT is hardly loaded. The local concept must not be changed.

They are future-proof. I am using open source software as often as possible. The insolvency of the company is excluded. Other commercial companies are changing their data formats and interfaces every few years, like Microsoft with Office. (doc to docx, xls to xlsx or xlsm, ...). As a result you have to invest money for re-programming and patching.
Several other commercial solution close down or won't be developed. Security leaks in Open Source software will be fixed from millions of other users. In worst cases there is no comartibility because it is a stand-alone solution.
I don't use click-and-be-happy-construction-kits. I program by hand. SO my software is more flexible, expandable, more dynamic, save and I know what happens where.






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