• IT-service e.g. finding, locating and eliminating of printing, network, hardware and software errors

  • revention

  • upgrade of security hard- and software

  • reorganisation of your IT

  • analysing of server balancing and logfiles under Novell Netware

  • profil-, password and usermanagement under Novell Netware

  • individual private trainings at your pc

  • telephone hotline, including „step-by-step-help“

  • installation and registering of uk- or com-domains (=>

  • establashing of a htaccess website-protection

  • configuring of xampp-enviroments

  • installation of virtual machines

  • implemetion of a synchronisation between your mobile and your PC

  • target/actual business results analysis

  • planning and installation of a star-networks including of the Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet protokolls

  • wlan encryption, powerline network

  • reperation of high-speed switches

  • establishment of an intranet

  • seo in German and English (search engine optimation)

Ohne wenn und aber

Qualitäts-PC:  Lieferung, Installation, Office, Antivirus, Kurzeinführung 999,- € + UST

Rechnungen schreiben in 60 s.

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