Here you get a limited overview about my finished programming projects.

Other projects are done, of course, but they re running internally. Regarding to law of data protection I cannot present them here.

The homepage of the scuba diving club Bluering
  • closed member area
  • defined groups (committee, youth, grown ups, public)
  • internal diver's board: sights, dive spots, dive trips
info (German only)

FOS - Facility Online Services - A software for buildings management
  • overview of energy consumption
  • management of contracts (maturity, conditions), CAD-plans and photos
  • management of budgets
  • management of technical devices
  • statistics
  • management of areas and equipment
info (German only)

A little calculator for gas- and electricity consumptions
  • calculationg of the best tariff - fitting the personal needs
  • qualitity discount
  • different prices for higher energy needs

electricity calculator (German only)

gas calculator (German only)


Insurance management


  • contrct generation onthe fly as pdf
  • details as tooltip
  • different filters (customers, kind of insurance,...)
  • pdf-Export
info (German only)

Other customers:


Eikel GmbH & Co. KG
 Eikel GmbH & Co. KG from Everswinkel
Neues Wohnambiente Neues Wohnambiente aus Warendorf
Sachverständigenbüro Eikel from Everswinkel
Helmut Schulze GmbH from Telgte
Kfz Reperatur Ludger Rüter from Telgte
Ahmann from Warendorf
orthodontist Dr. Abdel Ghani  from Telgte
law firm Dierkes from Telgte
Ingenieuerbüro Holzmüller aus Everswinkel
http://www.zü Tischlerei Züwerink aus Telgte
Würtembergische Versicherungen - Direktionsbeauftrager F.-J. Kretzer aus Telgte

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